Mar 31, 2010

Rapper Blitz Uses Old Tricks For New Pursuits

Rapper/composer Blitz The Ambassador may be fairly new to the game, but he's got the smarts of a veteran when it comes to branding.

The 27-year-old Brooklyn MC says plenty of times he's walked by people wearing his promotional T-shirt on the streets, which he designed himself. Depicting a suited man with a stereo in place of his head, holding a pistol to it while blood gushes from the other end, the image is the same Blitz -- a self-professed "visual artist" -- used for his latest album cover. "They pass me and they don't even know it's me," he chuckles.

Additionally, Blitz has a backing band, his own independent label, Embassy MVMT, and his very own mascot -- the inspiration behind the T-shirt and album cover art -- who usually appears on stage during their live shows.

While he's indifferent to subgenre labeling and doesn't identify with the 'conscious rapper' label, the unsigned trilingual rapper (Blitz speaks English, French and the native Ghanian Dialect Twi) rhymes about issues that affect him directly and other, more worldly ones. "I don't think just because I don't talk about 'money, cash, hos' that I'm better. I think I'm necessary," he says matter-of-factly. "I try to make music that I would hope that my favorite artists make and it seems to be catching on."

Indeed it is. His third album, "Stereotype," dropped digitally last July and reached the top 10 of iTunes' hip-hop albums chart in its first week of release; he was featured on MTVU's Artist Spotlight video series, "House Band;" he scored the PBS documentary "Bronx Princess;" and has a six-city California tour under his belt. He recently released his latest single, "Something to Believe" (Watch the video to "Something To Believe" below) and will soon release an EP called "Native Son," which features songs written entirely in Twi.

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